Trash Dreams Publication & Lux Trashbags

Trash Dreams highlights the underground industry of NYC's canners.
The anthropology behind trash effects how we view people that work with trash everyday. In a society where we believe that trash is unwanted, why do we deem the people that help us reuse and recycle as unwanted as well?
This book brings interaction with the reader by "uncovering" pages throughout the book, thus the idea of digging through trash to look for cans/bottles.
Through the experimentation of paper making, this book also portrays paper made out of trash. 

I personally made the paper out of the chosen trash ingredients. It was very interesting to see the transition of colors and lettering in the final product. 

All photography was taken at a local canning center in Brooklyn: Sure We Can

Lux Trashbags: For a secondary project to contine my publication concept, I decided to handmake my own trashbags.
I used the reference "One man's trash is another man's treasure" as inspiration. Luxury brand logos were silkscreened onto the bag and then studded with jewels.