DOT Skin Care

DOT skin care solves the problem of confusing skin reguimes for the blind and visually impaired. The solution is simple: an easy numerical system in order of application. We have included 4 products that clean, tone, vitalize, and moisturize.  

DOT embraces the idea of simplicity in life and the power to be independent. 

Our products are made from the finest ingredients enhanced with modern day technology. Four types of organic rice is used: Wild rice, brown rice, white rice, and Jasmine rice. These rices are used in fusion with powerful skin clearing ingredients such as turmeric and oatmeal. Dot brings simple, pure ingredients that are ideal for all skin types. 

The shape of each product is square in case if the user drops it, it won't roll away. 

Each product states how much product should be dispensed for each use on the back of the bottle. 

An order of our DOT skin care line comes with our magnet carrier case which holds all of our products. Each product is magnetized to the carrier which makes getting and putting away the products a breeze. The carrier also has braille embossings which tell the user where to put back the product and finger holes on the side which makes for a comfortable grip. Ideal for shelves or medicine cabinets. 

Front and back of the box packaging fully embossed with braille.


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